Rebecca Webb is a photographer who visually investigates the dynamics of human relationships and the connection between identity to place. Webb has a background in painting, printmaking, and film. She has worked on documentaries and feature films with directors such as William Klein, Darren Arronofsky and Hal Hartley, and lectures on the topics of photography and film production. She exhibits her photography in galleries and museums nation-wide. Webb also explores the future of film-going and making. From 2014-16, she launched and directed the Filmatic Festival at the University of Califormia, San Diego, to present new media experiences at the intersection of science, cinema, and technology. Presently, Webb is the director for Wonderspacs San Diego, a pop-up arts exhibition of interactive and immersive art works from international festivals.  

From the show Hiding in Plain Sight: Eight Voices in Contemporary Photography

From the show Hiding in Plain Sight: Eight Voices in Contemporary Photography

San Diego Art Prize 2017. Nominated. Recognition in the excellence of the visual arts.

John Chervinsky Scholarship Finalist. Griffin Museum of Photograpy, Winchester, MA. Nominated by Aline Smithson. Juried by Leslie K. Brown, Mary Virginia Swanson, Barbara Hitchcock and Richard Levy. 2016.

Millay Colony for the Arts. Juried. September 2017.

Solo + Two Person Shows
Sticks of the Sun, Ashes of the Night. Two-person show with photographer Jesse Burke at the San Diego Art Institute. January 16-February 7, 2016.

Sutures: Stories with SeamsJDC Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA. Solo Show. San Diego, CA. Curated by Gallery Director Jennifer DeCarlo. April/May 2012.

Group Shows
San Diego Art Fair. Curated by Patric Stilman. September 2017.

Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA. Group of Six Finalist Show. (John Chervinsky Scholarship Award). September 2017.

BasileIE, New Contemporaries. San Diego, CA. SD Art Prize nominated artists. June 3-August 5, 2017.

A Ship in the Woods. WAKE.  Escondido, CA. March 17-April 23, 2017.

Fraction Holiday Print Sale, by David Bram invitation. 2016.

San Diego Art Institute. SOCAL Baja Biennial. Juried by Anthony Graham, Assistant Curator, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. December 10-January 29, 2017.

Edge of Humanity Magazine. "Disobey the Convention" series. June 14, 2016. 

Review Santa Fe. Center, Santa Fe, NM. Juried Portfolio competition. Invitation only. 2016.

DesignLab. MicroVideo. Video work "5,295 Frames Older." Presented by Design Lab and Design Lab Creative UCSD in partnership with CAT (Culture Art Technology), The Visual Arts Department, and the Qualcomm Institute. May 2016.

Center Forward,  The Center for Fine Art Photography, Juried by Aline Smithson and Hamidah Glasgow, Fort Collins, Colorado. September 2 - October 1, 2016.

Featured Portrait. LensCulture Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery. Feb. 19, 2016 Online feature. Jan. 13, 2016

Hiding in Plain Sight: Eight Voices in Contemporary Photography.  Juried by Scott B. Davis. Art Gallery Central Library @ Joan and Irwin Jacobs. San Diego. September 6, 2014 - Jan. 15, 2015. Online feature. Feb.15, 2014

Center, Santa Fe, NM. Project Development competition (Disobey the Convention). 2014. Top 4 percent finalist.

PHOTONEWS. Image printed as part of a Photographer Network Exhibition. Jan. 2014. . Featured image from Sutures, Dec. 4, 2013

Review Santa Fe. Center, Santa Fe, NM. 2013. Juried Portfolio competition, invitation only.

Photographers Network 2013: Selection 2013. Juried by Thomas Kellner, Ingrid Fischer Jonge, Celina Lunsford, and Sandra Phillips.

Masked/Unmasked. ZTARC, San Diego, CA. Curated by Justin Hudnall (So Say We All). 2011. 

Top 40 Juried ShowLACDA, Los Angeles, CA.Juried by Rex Bruce. 2010.

Celebrating EverybodyThe Loft. UCSD, La Jolla, CA. 2009.

IndwellingCooper Union, NY, NY. Juried by Joyce Tenneson. 2007. 

Photo Slam. Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA. Sutures: Stories with Seams received Curator Award. 2007. 

Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA. 12th Annual Photo Show. Juried by Bonnie Benrubi. 2006.

Photography Now! South Shore Art Center, MA. Honorable mention. 2005.

Photo works ‘03Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY. 2003.

Passion Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA. Juried show. 2003.

1000 Faces. Private collection. Traveling exhibit. 2002.

Bakehouse Miami. Regular exhibitor (painting). 1991-93.

Radio and Magazine
Profifoto  (pg. 12) 
KPBS Weekend Preview 
WAZ (derwesten)
Riviera Magazine

Online Photo Blogs
Fotovisura Photo of the Day
LENSCRATCH Featured Submission


The Candidate by Sam Popkin. Portrait (inside book jacket). 2012.

Magazine work. Riveria Magazine. San Diego, CA. 2010. 

Product shots for Harvard University Fair Trade research project with Professor Michael Hiscox. 2007.

Photo portraits of homeless women and children for PRA/COMPASS. 2004-2007. 

Photo portrait of WCFIA director. Harvard University (“Director’s Hall of Fame”). 2003.

Curated photography acquisitions. Harvard University. 2003.

Thomas Kellner Studio

JDC Fine Art

Director/Producer/Editor: Virtual Reality Documentary: Archigram: The Amazing Adventures of Architecture during the age of Pop. In pre-production.

Director/Producer: Behind the Scenes with David LaChapelle. Interview Magazine (aired on Access Hollywood) 1999.

Assistant Producer: William Klein Documentary: The Messiah, Lighthouse USA. NY, NY. 1998

Post Production Supervisor/Assistant Editor: Documentary: Five Wives, Three Secretaries, and Me. Asset Pictures. NY, NY. 1997-98.

Assistant Editor: Feature Film: PI, Palestrini Productions. NY, NY. 1996-97.

Executive Board,  A Ship in the Woods. July 2016- Present

Advisory Board High Tech High Media Arts. June 2016- Present

Advisory board co-chair, Outside the Lens. June 2014-2016

TEACHING: Photography and Multi-media Instructor
UCSD. Practicum (co-instructor): Multi Arts Management in Pedagogy and Practice. Spring 2016.
UCSD. Media Sketchbook. Fall 2014.

UCSD/High Tech High Media Arts. Practicum (instructor advisor): Edgeland Futurism. Spring 2013.
UCSD/High Tech High Media Arts. Practicum (co-instructor): Filmmaking: Narrative and Authenticity. Spring 2013.
UCSD/High Tech High Media Arts. Practicum (co-instructor): Filmmaking: Narrative and Authenticity. Spring 2012.
UCSD Super Computer Center: Teacher Tech Series. Spring 2011.

UCSD Super Computer Center: Photoshop for Teens. Summer 2011.
UCSD Extension. Environmental Portraiture; Narrative Photography, Portfolio Building, Digital Photo 101, Portraiture. 2009-2016.