“Trust me, I'm telling you stories. ... I can change the story. I am the story.” – Novelist Jeanette Winters [Written on the Body]

 Influenced by my background in film editing and painting, I join imagery together to create a connection between reality and fabrication in the form of vignettes that star friends, family, and myself -- in single or double frames. The "characters" become the subject of one still; the complementary image is a forsaken place, symbolizing our collective history and the relationship we have to the physical spaces we inhabit.

Though the work is extremely intimate, it is meant to function on many levels, as the specific becomes the general.  In this body of work, I attempt to capture the elusive nature of the personal narrative: feelings of fear and joy; disappointment and hope; longing, desire, and attainment.  

I used a variety of cameras for this project: 35mm, medium format film, DSLRs.All prints are digital C-Prints on Fugi-flex paper. Diptychs are 24x30. Single images are of varying sizes. Edition of 5 per diptych/image + artist proof